July 27, 2018 Notice

Launch of the MHM Lab Project

Mori Hamada & Matsumoto (“MHM”) has focused on “Regulatory Sandbox” mechanisms, which have been launched and operated overseas as a means of pursuing FinTech initiatives, from the early stages of their development and has continued to take the initiative to introduce the system to Japan, believing that they can be used as a means to promote innovation in Japan.

Recently, a project-based “Regulatory Sandbox” system was launched here in Japan with the enforcement of the Act on Special Measures for Productivity Improvement, and an environment is now in place that enables businesses to conduct demonstration tests and pilot projects for new technologies and business models that are not envisaged under existing regulations.  In response to this, we are proud to announce the launch of the MHM Lab Project to further accelerate a series of activities conducted in collaboration with our clients in order to overcome regulatory issues, with a view toward making more innovation possible.

Today in Japan, a variety of systems exist as a framework for promoting innovation, including the System to Remove Gray Zone Areas, the System of Special Arrangements for New Business Activities, and the regional-based system of National Strategic Special Zones, each of which pursues different goals and employs different timelines and approaches to pursuing those goals.  Utilizing the recently launched “Regulatory Sandbox” system in addition to those systems, we, through the MHM Lab Project, aim to advise clients on the most effective way to bring new technologies and business models into the world, while striving to play a role as their partner to achieve innovation.

Special Report: The MHM Lab Project

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