"Defense Tactics in M&A"


Related Practice Areas Mergers and Acquisitions
Language Japanese
Date of Publication 1990
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Mergers and Acquisitions:Publications

Magazine Article
"Data Compliance Practices in M&A (Due Diligence)"
Magazine Article
"Practical Impact of the "Fair M&A Guidelines" on M&A Practices"
Magazine Article
"Outlook for Due Diligence on Global Data Protection Based on the Latest GDPR Enforcement Cases (Part 2) - Incorporating Lessons Learned from Enforcement Cases in M&A"
"Revisions to the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act - Impacts on the Prior Notification and Screening System Regarding Inward Direct Investment, Etc."
Magazine Article
"Analyzing Public-Private Investment Funds from Legal Aspects"

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Masatake Yone:Publications

Book Article
"Emergence and Development of Law Firms in Japan"
"Reversal of Rationality and Sensitivity"
"Buy-outs by Japanese Companies Business Restructuring and Buy-outs"
"[Has Japan Dealt with the After Effects of the Bubble Economy Properly? - Weaknesses of and Lessons for Japanese Companies] Inadequate Know-how, Time Restrictions, and High Processing Costs - Japan's Disposal of Bad Loans in Reality and an Appraisal"
"What did Japan learn from the 'bubble economy' and actions taken afterwards? Was bankruptcy disposition in Japan appropriate? Follow-up bankruptcy disposition methods - Countermeasure options have increased since the peak of the bubble"

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Kazuhiro Kanamaru:Publications

Book Article
"Lectures on Current Tax Law (Vol. 4): International Taxation"
Book Article
"Practice and Theory of Joint Venture Contract"
Magazine Article
"Significance of Assignment (2) - Distribution of Property"
"A Systematic Look at the Issues: The Companies Act (Supplementary Volume)"
"Practical Issues of the Companies Act New Series 8: Corporate Accounting (2nd ed.)"

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