"Strategic M&A and the Management of Business Merger"


Related Practice Areas Mergers and Acquisitions
Language Japanese
Date of Publication March 2008
Link Business Research Institute

Mergers and Acquisitions:Publications

Magazine Article
"Outlook for Due Diligence on Global Data Protection Based on the Latest GDPR Enforcement Cases (Part 2) - Incorporating Lessons Learned from Enforcement Cases in M&A"
Magazine Article
"Analyzing Public-Private Investment Funds from Legal Aspects"
Magazine Article
"Outline of New MBO Guidelines: Explanation of Changes from Old MBO Guidelines"
Book Transcript
"Changes in Business Succession"
Magazine Transcript
"Monthly Meeting in August: Special Lecture Record for Special Lecture II - Issues in Compliance with Global Data Protection Law and Practical Viewpoints Related to Data Protection Due Diligence for M&A"

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Ko Fujita:Publications

"Legal Counseling regarding Intellectual Property Licenses (revised)"
"Practical Manual for the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law"
"Why doesn't Hostile Takeover never result in a good outcome in Japan?"
"Legal Counseling regarding Intellectual Property Licenses"
"Things that Unlisted Company Should Keep in Mind in an M&A Transaction"

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